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Manual of methods for the determination of glucose

Gerald R. Cooper

Manual of methods for the determination of glucose

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Published by Communicable Disease Center, Public Health Service in Atlanta .
Written in English

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Other titlesWorkshop manual of methods for the determination of glucose.
Statementby Gerald R. Cooper and Valeta McDaniel ; contribution from Glucose Standardization Laboratory ... [et al.].
ContributionsMcDaniel, Valeta., American Society of Clinical Pathologists., Commission on Continuing Education., Council on Clinical Chemistry., Annual Meeting of American Society of Clinical Pathologists (workshop on glucose determinations) (1966 : Washington, D.C.)
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Open LibraryOL20179976M

Electrochemical Determination of Glucose Concentration in Apple Juice - Help! I have to design an experiment and have absolutely no idea where to start. I would . Enzymatic glucose analyzer Source Ed Neren Collection Bibliography Yuen VG, McNeill JH. Comparison of the glucose oxidase method for glucose determination by manual assay and automated analyzer. J Pharmacol Toxicol Methods ; Short video on the basics of glucose estimation by GOD POD method, use of fluoride containers, conditions in which the glucose is high and low.

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Manual of methods for the determination of glucose by Gerald R. Cooper Download PDF EPUB FB2

After the patient specimens and final controls have been evaluated and accepted, load the green rack (W) and run it through the instrument. Place three standard sample cups in positions 1, 2 and 3.

Fill cup 1 with 1N sodium hydroxide, fill cup 2 with 4N sodium hydroxide, and fill cup 3 with leftover Size: 58KB. A rapid, manual colorimetric method for determining glucose, fructose and sucrose in fruit and vegetables is described.

The method is based on the determination of reducing sugars before and after invertase digestion using p ‐hydroxybenzoic acid hydrazide (PAHBAH).Cited by: C.

Requesting a Calibration: (Operator’s Manual Section 2) 1. job key. Calibration Test Selection, 3. Mode field. Choose Repeat Calibration. Type field. Choose the appropriate calibration type for the method needing recalibration.

All enzyme methods utilize a “Blank” calibration. Most of theFile Size: 73KB. the micro and macro automated methods, the two solutions required are a diluent containing 4-amino phenazone and a colour reagent containing glucose oxidase, peroxidase and phenol.

METHODS Manual method Protein precipitant. 10 g. NazWO•.2H.0; 10 g. NazHPO.; 9dissolved in mI. water. Add about ml, ofN HCl to bring the pH to method is mg. per cc. of blood, if 5 cc. of 1: 10 filtrate, containing mg. of glucose, are used for analysis.

If the analysis is carried out with only 2 cc. of 1: 10 filtrate (and 2 cc. of reagent), then 5 mg. per cent are the lowest blood sugar that can be determined. In the micromethod. METHOD COMPARISON A comparison between Dialab Glucose (y) and a commercially available test (x) using 78 samples gave following results: y = x + mg/dL; r= CALIBRATION The assay requires the use of a Glucose Standard or a Calibrator.

We recommend the Dialab Glucose Standard and the Dialab multi calibration serum Diacal Auto. methods for glucose determination were first described in by Keilin and Hartee4 using glucose oxidase in a manometric technique.

Keston5 modified this method in the early ’s using glucose oxidase/peroxidase enzyme system and o-dianisidine chromogen systems. Since then, various alternative chromogen systems have been proposed. Enzymatic determination of glucose in blood 1) Glucose oxidase – peroxidase method (GOD POD method) 2) hexokinase method (HKS method) 3) Glucose dehydrogenase method (GDH method).

The manual provides complete instructions for the addition of reagents and calculation of results with reference material for each method so that the original texts can be consulted if necessary.

In general, the techniques require a minimum of prior professional training and methods needing very expensive equipment have been avoided.

Show less. An introduction to the quantitative analysis of seawater. LAB. MANUAL 4 MANUAL OF METHODS OF ANALYSIS OF FOODS Total Solids in Liquid Glucose 54 PART B - CONFECTIONERY PRODUCTS 1. 2 Determination of moisture: (Routine method) Weigh accurately about 5 gms of sample in a tared aluminium dish.

(About cm in. The solid and dotted lines indicate the spectra of the reaction mixture and the reagent blank, respectively. Standard procedure.

Mix an aqueous solution (l ml) containing nmol of a sample of a reducing carbohydrate, a.1% aqueous solution (1 ml) of 2-cyanoacetamide, and m borate buffer (pH2 ml) in a test tube (about 10 ml), and heat the tube in a boiling-water bath for.

cuprous chloride solution this method can be made to cover the determination of reducing sugar up to the limit of the Fehling method. Data. In order to test the method a sample of pure dextrose was obtained from the Bureau of Standards* and a per cent solution prepared. First, dilute the stock mM Glucose Standard solution in 1X Assay Buffer to yield a 40 mM Glucose Solution (e.g.

add 5 μL of the stock mM Glucose Standard to 45 μL of 1X Assay Buffer). Use the 40 mM Glucose Solution to prepare a series of the remaining Glucose standards according to Table 2 below. Table 2. Glucose Color Reagent and the Glucose Standard are irritants. Hydrochloric acid is a corrosive.

Use gloves and goggles. Materials Spectrophotometer ( nm), and 10 mL serological pipettes 15 x mixing tubes cuvettes N Hydrochloric acid Glucose Kit (Sigma A) mg/dl Glucose standard (Sigma G).

method was adopted as AOAC MethodAACC International Method and ICC Method 1. 2 In a recently published method for the measurement of dietary Glucose Determination Reagent (GOPOD Reagent).

Stable for ~ 3 months at °C or > 12 months below - 10°C. Concentrate ether extract to approximate 5 ml in a conical flask, add mg Zinc dust (use a small spatula) and 5 ml dilute acetic acid.

Heat for 5 min over a steam bath. Cool and filter the contents of the flask using Whatman No. 1 filter paper into. The colorimetric determination ofglucose by the glucose oxidase-peroxidase system is now widely used in a variety of modified forms.

The present publication describes manual and AutoAnalyzer methods for the measurement ofglucose concentra­ tion in blood and plasma using such a system and employing the non-carcinogenic chromogen, guaiacum.

• Dilute with deionized water to 20–80 g glucose/mL. • Filter or deproteinize solution if necessary to clarify. Determination Method 1: Glucose Concentration from Standard Curve 1.

Pipette the following solutions into the appropriately marked test tubes: Tube Water (mL) Sample (mL) Glucose Standard (mL) Reagent Blank using bichromatic measurement. In our study, for determination of glucose by HKL method in hemolyzate, two-point measurement at nm is used, and for determination by HKP method in plasma, bichromatic measurement at nm and nm is used.

Two consecutive chemical reactions are keys for this determination (Chromý et al., ). The “chemical method” for the determination of glucose in serum is based on the reaction of glucose in hot acidic solution with the aromatic amine, o‐toluidine, to form a Schiff base with an absorbance at nm [1, 8].The “chemical method” is included in the present experiment because it serves to illustrate to students why enzyme‐based reactions have largely replaced chemically.

The principle for Estimation of Blood Glucose by Glucose Oxidase Method: The principle of this test might not be easy to understand but you can learn well if you concentrate on every line I am about to write.

I will try to go as simpler as I can with my words. So, basically Glucose Oxidase with the help of which we estimate Blood Sugar is an. • Monosaccharides: Fructose and Glucose • Disaccharides: Sucrose, Maltose, Lactose.

AOAC HPLC Methods Recommend the use of Propyl Amine functional columns for analysis of mono and disaccharides in food products This slide presents the guidelines for sugar determination according to the Nutritional Labeling & Education Act passed by the U.S.

package, calculate the predicted % w/w of glucose in your tablet. Using the predicted % w/w of glucose determined above, find the mass of a tablet that would be needed to provide g of glucose. Using a mortar and pestle, grind one or two glucose tablets (as needed to provide at least the tablet mass determined in step 2).

METHOD FOR GLUCOSE IN SERUMt ROBERT SCHAFFER National Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.C. U.S.A. Abstract—The progress achieved as of July on the development of a clinical reference method for glucose is presented; this effort originated as a subcommittee function of the American Association of Clinical Chemists.

The. A method for the manual determination of glucose in hemolysate is described. Both hexokinase/G6P-DH (e.g. Glucoquant) and glucose dehydrogenase can be used as reagents. The two methods correlate satisfactorily with an approved method. Determination of Caffeine Content (Bailey Andrew Method) Procedure Weigh accurately about 5 gm of sample, transfer to a ml Erlenmeyer flask, add 3 gm of magnesium oxide and ml of distilled water.

Weigh the flask with contents and boil under a. Colorimetric Determination of Nitrate Plus Nitrite in Water by Enzymatic Reduction, Automated Discrete Analyzer Methods Chapter 8 Section B, Methods of the National Water Quality Laboratory Book 5, Laboratory Analysis U.S.

Department of the Interior U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods. They have also shown the correlation r =when Trinder’s method was compared with manual blanked hexokinase in auto analyser I and value r = when analysed in auto analyser II.

The day to day co-efficient of variation of glucose % for the glucose oxidase method. The linear range also known as analytic or. Estimation of Reducing Sugar by Somogyi's Method; Estimation of Sugar by Folin-Wu Method; Estimation of Sugar by Hagedorn-Jenson Method; Estimation of Reducing Sugars by the Dinitro Salicylic Acid (DNS) Method; Determination of Blood Glucose by Hagedorn-Jenson Method; Determining Blood Sugar by Nelson and Somogyi's Method.

A glucose oxidase method for the rapid determination of glucose in starch conversion products A glucose oxidase method for the rapid determination of glucose in starch conversion products K.

Mansford and R. Opie, Analyst, ,88, If you are not the author of this article and you wish to reproduce material from it in a third party. Km determination. 87 Lactate Km determination (continued books you consult. It also means that you should cite the inventors of methods that you use for your experiments.

If you do not, you are, in effect, claiming credit for work. Detection limits for manual and flow injection methods are 13 pmol per µl of test solution and pmol per µl injection volume, respectively, at a ratio of chemiluminescence intensities (or peak heights) of test to blank of 2.

The manual method was applied to the determination of glucose. The diagnostic methods for diabetes have been compared to find the accurate method for glucose. The enzymatic method using glucose oxidase enzyme was most advantageous (Giampietro et al., The Glucose (HK) Assay Kit is for the quantitative, enzymatic determination of glucose in food and other material.

This kit has been used in various systems in studies related to topics such as: Hepatic glucose and lipid homeostasis in HEK cells4 Maternal obesity models5.

In addition to glucose meters used commonly (sensors for the determination of glucose), which are based on the ELISA method, 6 researchers have used HPLC, 7 LC-IR (liquid chromatography), 8 CE. The D-Glucose HK (Regular) test kit is a high purity reagent for the measurement and analysis of D-glucose in plant and food products.

Can be used in combination with other Megazyme's products that require glucose determination. Note for Content: The number of manual tests. methods of rate determination in accordance with its regulations under COMAR 02 MANUAL FORMAT AND REVISIONS The Manual contains two sections: Section provides an overview of ARM and sets forth in detail the review and approval process, rate-setting implications, application submission.

and the method of processing of blood on the blood glu-cose levels. We suggested that serum may be a better fluid of choice when there is a delay in the analysis of blood glucose.

MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients Blood from 30 different patients who came for rou-tine blood glucose determination were used in the study.

Title: PMR__indd Author: Marketa Created Date: 2/22/ PM. Blood glucose concentrations obtained with automatically sampled blood were compared to those obtained with blood taken in parallel using an established manual sampling method. In the course of this study, setup times, success rate, flushing volume, and blood consumption were also determined.

The glucose slides for the manual DT60 II are intended only for plasma/serum glucose determination. The reason for this limitation is not quite clear because the test principle is the same in the slides for the DT60 II and the automated analyzers.

[Beta]-n-Glucose is oxidized to n-gluconic acid by glucose oxidase. Continuous measurements of blood glucose were available for 72/74 children (%). Sixty-five of them were admitted with density-specific malaria diagnosis criteria (17 severe, 48 uncomplicated).

Five children (%) had hypoglycaemia (determination.A simplified resin treatment for removal from urine of substances which inhibit the glucose oxidase peroxidase system of analysis of glucose is described. The original technic designed for AutoAnalyzer use has been modified for a manual procedure.

The cost of enzyme reagents and resin has been minimized by use of micro proportions. The enzymatic principle for determination of glucose in blood.